Appleblim 4 hour set @ The Tube 11.02.2012

A hard post to write on a subject close to our hearts. When The Tube first opened back in March 2011 it was clear from the off that the team behind it were dedicated to bringing something different to the Brighton club scene. And what would you expect from the same people who have been behind LIFE club’s transformation from a run-down indie club to Brighton’s leading venue for forward thinking music. The Tube was going further, with a capacity of just 200 at the max, it provided an opportunity to book some truly below the line artists and show them off in an intimate setting.

What topped it all off was the club itself; Brighton clubs are all far from ideal, often fighting against awkward spaces and dilapidated sound systems. The Tube had none of these problems and remains in our mind the best space to see electronic music in Brighton bar none. And no, it’s not closing, so why all the past tense? Well unfortunately high ideals and visionary ambitions can so easily be stomped out by the clumping foot of commercialism. This is not the time to go into a long and lengthy debate about the Brighton club scene, let’s just leave it at: the Tube is changing hands and needless to say we’re pretty sad about it.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. The venue will remain and there will still be the odd top quality show there as well, Well Rounded are set to return to the boards at the end of February and we know there’s another couple of one offs in the pipe line in the not too distant future.

Still, Appleblim on the 11th will be the last Saturday as booked by our heroes and we’re treating it as a bit of a wake, and what wake is complete without Applepips head honcho and all round Don APPLEBLIM smashing it out for four straight hours, hopefully wearing all black... Not alot more needs to be said really, the man that is needs no hype. His contribution to dubstep, techno and ‘UK Bass’ is huge, his selection is and the last time he played in Brighton he absolutely ran it.

So come and raise your glass to the end of an all too brief but really fucking good chapter in Brighton’s club history. Limited advance tickets are just £5 but these will sell out quickly so don’t sleep. More tickets for more money pon de door.

03/02/2012 21:13
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