Nick Aka Roar's Hip Hop Mixtape Review! Himanshu Suri – “Nehru Jackets” (Free Download)

Ahh, the humble mixtape. An emblem of free flowing endeavor. A platform for artistic expression, far removed from the pressures and interference of the record label. Joyous, pure and most importantly free to download… Yes, as of today I will be attempting to write a column every now and again (I’d give you a clearer timescale but I wouldn’t want to disappoint you) where I’ll be attempting to review a different Hip Hop mixtape with an emphasis on the underground. First up;

Himanshu Suri – “Nehru Jackets”



If you haven’t listened to Das Racist before, you’re a cock. There I said it. But, have no fear as this situation can be remedied if you trot along to: and download both their 2010 mixtapes Shut up, dude & Sit down, man right away. Go on, I’ll wait. All done? Good, then I’ll carry on. Yes, my first mixtape review for BTL comes in the shape of the first solo mixtape from Das Racist co-founder, Himanshu Suri aka Heems aka Young Coco Butter aka Gerard depardoo-do-do, what you wanna do?

It’s called Nehru Jackets (after the type of Jackets the Beatles started wearing after they boarded the wrong flight to Aya Napa and ended up in India with Ravi Shankar, true story) and you know what, I’m gonna throw my cards on the table and declare it the best mixtape ever! Only kidding, that would be a preposterous statement, plus it’s only February anyway stupid, but it is very, very good though.

With lines about the NYPD, computers, women and Heems’ own Indian heritage (not to mention Kool AD giving a shout out to his Dad’s Bluetooth) combined with the sort of half joking / half serious delivery that has now become associated with him and his crew it has enough lyrical depth to keep you interested through all it’s 25 tracks (plus, between you and me, any mixtape that’s first chorus parodies the Dawson’s Creek theme tune and works is a winner for me!) This lyrical depth is further bolstered by the choice of guest MC’s chosen to feature (Despot, Danny Brown, Lakutis, Mr MuthaFuckin Exquire, Kool AD and Action Bronson all lay down tight verses) and guest appearances by Hindi rappers and vocalists such as Big Baby Gandhi, Pawan and Lovedeep Singh adding an interesting new depth.

But I guess the real hero of the story is the unique, tight production provided by the relatively unknown entity Mike Finito, definitely a bold new voice who can hold his own in the company of other visionary producers like Clams Casino, Spaceghostpurp and Squada B – not that he sounds anything like them though. Anyway, go download it from the following link before SOPA makes it impossible to even share opinion’s on the Internet;


Verdict: 9/10


Tracks: Thug Handles, SWATE, You Have To Ride The Wave, Kate Boosh

13/02/2012 14:20
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