Endless records



The end of Edgeworld records has seen the birth of a new shop for those who seek the physical format of music. Endless Records is run by two highly knowledgeable music lovers with a range of musical interests and experience that makes their selection of records stand apart from the norm.

One of them is none other than Well Rounded records head honcho, Donga. With his unique and highly demanding ear for music, you can be sure you’re going to find some real quality everywhere you look. Also, he’ll be doing his own ‘pick of the week’ chart, just in case you idly pass over any gems…   

Tom (who also worked with Donga at Edgeworld) will still be a part of the shop, bringing his expertise in rock and alternative rarities. 

Endless records is based in Brighton (hidden away above a grunge/ goth clothes store) but you will also be able to buy from their website.

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26/03/2012 12:53
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