Pick Of The Week: Mak + Pasteman - Do The Same


Mak and Pasteman are quickly setting a name for themselves on the post genre- scene. The Leeds duo have been gathering hype quietly for a while now with previous releases for the likes of Lo Note, Sounds of Sumo and Hot n Heavy, and free downloads including their Rack City remix. This release has pricked up alot of ears and it set mark their maturity and emergence into the wider scene.

Jumping straight on to the title track, the vocals glide blissfully into the sky before descending into a pounding drum workout guaranteed to destroy any dancefloor.

Following that up with 'Lost' and 'Again' things start to chill out and the melodies get their opportunity to be centre stage. 

Finally, on 'Mode', the classic Junior Reid 'One Blood' sample is flipped over skittering drums and terrorising jungle subs.

On the remix tip Lando Kal gets all technoid on 'Do The Same' and Youandewan does his thing turning 'Last' into a deep house romper.

Grab it from Juno here and check out their soundcloud where you can download the 'Do the Same VIP' for free: http://soundcloud.com/mak_and_pasteman

08/04/2012 18:16
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