you know who these two are, standard footwerk pressure.

1. DJ Rashad - Welcome to the Chi [LIT CITY TRAX]*
2. DJ Manny - I Can't Explain [LIT CITY TRAX]
3. DJ Rashad - Fly Spray 2k12 [LIT CITY TRAX]*
4. DJ Rashad - Well Well Well [LIT CITY TRAX]*
5. DJ Manny & DJ Kidd - Hold My Dick [LIT CITY TRAX]
6. DJ Earl - H.A.M. [LIT CITY TRAX]
7. DJ Rashad ft. RP Boo - All Across The World [LIT CITY TRAX]
8. DJ Rashad - We Run This Shit [LIT CITY TRAX]*
9. DJ Manny - We So Banned Up [LIT CITY TRAX]
10. DJ Manny - Off The Wall [LIT CITY TRAX]
11. DJ Rashad - Chicago [LIT CITY TRAX]*
12. DJ Spinn - Golden Kush [LIT CITY TRAX]
13. DJ Spinn - Smoke Dat Shit [LIT CITY TRAX]
14. DJ Spinn - She A Bad Girl [LIT CITY TRAX]
15. DJ Spinn & DJ Manny - Gettin It [LIT CITY TRAX]
16. DJ Rashad - Walk For Me 2k12 [LIT CITY TRAX]*
17. Addison Groove vs DJ Rashad - Sexual (Juke Refix)
18. DJ Spinn - For A 5 Dolla Bag [LIT CITY TRAX]
19. DJ Rashad - CCP 2k12 [LIT CITY TRAX]*
20. DJ Manny & DJ Spinn - What You Need [LIT CITY TRAX]
21. DJ Rashad & DJ Spinn - We Trippy Mane [LIT CITY TRAX]*

*From DJ Rashad's new LP "TEKLIFE Vol.1: Welcome to the Chi"

10/04/2012 09:03
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