In a scene as small as Brighton, one individual can have a big impact and rarely is this better represented than by grime, garage and dubstep fanatic, DUBLOKE.

Originally hailing from West London, Dubloke (known to his mother as Sean) has been up to his ears in bass since growing up around garage and grime and being exposed to Dubstep early in 2006. He is a longstanding contributor to Dubstep Forum and gets much love for his mash ups and mixes as well as his knowledge and enthusiasm. 

He is a true vinyl head and always has been and you still won't have heard half the tracks in his sets before. This is down to his selection and experience that goes deeper than most; regularly trawling Discogs and constantly scanning DnR’s stock list for any old gems re-emerging to the market.  Not many other people in Brighton can touch the depth of his grime and garage collection or his ability to make banging sets. 

His residency rota in Brighton reads like a list of decent underground music nights in Brighton and shows how in demand he is as a DJ. In the last three years he has played for Vagabondz, Supercharged, Aka Aka Roar, Simply Vinyl, Below the Line, Switch Up and more, he played Outlook Festival in 2010 and 2011 and he will be playing at Echo festival in Croatia this year as well. 

His mix for BTL is a great example of his style: mixing up old and new tunes seamlessly to deliver straight dance floor satisfaction. Make sure you give it a listen and also check out his weekly ‘Dubloke’s Grime Tune of the Week’ section here on BTL where he picks out his favourite gems from Grime times past.

Check out his soundcloud for more mixes and tunes:



19/04/2012 10:19
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