The third mixtape in our series is another Brighton based DJ/Producer, Manni Dee. Originally from Wolverhampton, Manni moved down here three years ago to take a course in creative music production at Brighton Uni.


How is living in Brighton?

It’s great, there’s a really vibrant scene here; I’ve met some really great artists. But it can be easy to be lazy in Brighton, to be a Brighton artist without ever really leaving it. There are so many like minded people around, it’s a bit of a bubble sometimes.

What Brighton (ish) artists stand out for you at the moment?

Guy Andrews, Deft, Klic, Leon Vynehall, and Donga are all representing really well, just this month there’s loads of Brighton heads playing at Church, which I think says a lot about how it’s going down here.

What have been your influences, any real stand out artists for you?

Wow, the scene moves so quickly, there’s so much music all the time! It’s hard to pick without having a trawl through my iTunes! I guess Blawan really stood out for me, Machinedrum as well; he really translated the 160 stuff, which can get quite boring, into something with new life in it. I really rate Lando Kal very highly as well, the way he went from doing Hip Hop to Techno, you can still hear the older influences.

At the moment I’d say that Tessela & Pedestrian are really killing it for me and also Distal’s stuff on Tectonic is big as well. The fact he’s also putting out bits like the new Well Rounded Individuals EP with Rashad, it’s great. In that respect, it’s a bit like how me and Deft work together, we fit so well together as we both like to jump around tempos a lot and move in a similar direction, both with our music and our approach to how we make it. There’s a great natural progression.

Label wise, definitely Hessle Audio. They don’t just put music out all the time. Some labels have the tendency to put music out constantly; I think it can devalue it. Musically as well, it’s such a diverse label; I really love the new Elgato release. I’ve recently been revisiting old Joe bits, he’s an amazing producer; he’s always had a unique sound.

What do you think about the progression of sounds in recent years?

The scene changes so fast! No one knows what’s gonna happen in the future, everything influences everything else. It’s interesting how house inspired Juke which in turn has returned to have an impact in the UK with the likes of Addison Groove. The tastemakers are just music lovers like the rest of us, but they have that plaform that lets them define the next scene.

You’ve got a release scheduled for Hit & Hope in June, how did that come about?

Rob (runs Hit and Hope along with Ned aka Klic) saw me play supporting Tokimonsta at Throw Some Shapes in Brighton, he sent me some bits over and then we scheduled a release. I’m really looking forward to it dropping.

We’re sure that we’ll be seeing a lot more of you when it does, what gigs have you got lined up at the moment?

This Thursday, the 26th I’m supporting Kutmah at the Fortune of War on Brighton sea front (it’s free!)

On the 4th of May I’ll be playing for Lucid at the Rhythm Factory in London and on the 10th of May I’ll be playing for Church at Corsica.

Sweet, nice one Manni, big up for the mix!

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23/04/2012 23:09
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