Deft- 2000 EP [Free Download]

Deft is one of those names you can expect to hear a lot more of in the coming months: his new ‘Clotting’ EP has just dropped on Wot Not Records and his track ‘Loqux & Past’ is the opening track for Maya Jane Cole’s new DJ Kicks Mix. So it’s not surprising he’s just topped the 2000 followers mark on Soundcloud, hence the ‘2000’ EP.

‘Early’ is a Slo Mo House groover which sounds like the musical equivalent of a time lapse video showing snow melting, flowers growing and sleepy animals waking up after a cracking nap. Yes that’s pretty bloody cheesy but I dare you to have a listen and disagree: the vinyl-esque crackling sounds like ice thawing whilst the uplifting tones and dreamy synths are positively beaming with sunshine vibes.

‘Tunnel Vision’ is a few seasons darker; a sludgy house plodder the slow groove really gives space for deft to show off his trademark mastery of percussion.

Make sure you drop by his Soundcloud and say thank you…

Download: Deft '2000' EP

08/05/2012 10:49
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