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A Tri-Angle Records focus by Ferndown Mistake.


In my eyes they are one of the most consistent labels around right now, sitting smartly alongside Hyperdub and R&S Record's recent revival. Tri-Angle, like many great labels, has an aesthetic that links all of their releases together, rather than a single genre. This is translated through their stunning artwork:


To give you a proper overview of the Tri-Angle sound it is only right we take a brief look at some of their releases. The veins of Tri-Angle are coursing with a love for R'n'B starlets, drones, melancholia and haunting reverbs. Right from the off this is demonstrated with their free mixtape "Let Me Shine For You". A six track ep re-interpreting Lindsey Lohan songs. Released during her stint in Jail and with no 'Free Lindsey' agenda, this ep features tracks from the likes of Laurel Halo, Babe Rainbow and Oneohtrix Point Never. My personal pick is Autre Ne Veut's - 'Bossy'. A demented eighties pop track. Be warned the vocals are love or hate.

This release was swiftly followed up by Balam Acab's - See Birds. It was here where my attention was caught. See Birds opening tracks, See Birds (Moon) and Regret Making mistakes, are pieces of blissed out digi-dub, perfect for chilling out in the sunshine and is succeeded by further 'Big Boy' being my pick here as it sets the tone for his later album Wander/Wonder. 

In my eyes one of the best albums of 2011 Wander/Wonder is all about the little nuggets of sound that keep the listeners attention. The washes of white noise, bird song and water drops make this the perfect album for escaping all the stresses going on in life. Each tracks progression giving the album a real sense of nature. Tracks start off small with tiny bits of sound  before slowly filling up the frequency spectrum before dying down back to tiny sounds, much like how plants grow and die over the seasons. 

oOoOO came next with 'oOoOO' and he recently released followed this up with 'Our Loving Is Hurting Us'. 'oOoOO' is five tracks of MPC style beats combined with amazing vocals and synth work. I'm all about the arpeggio in the first half 'Sedsumting' however it cuts through the mix beautifully before the tracks a turn into the sinister. 'Our Love is Hurting Us' is the follow up to 'oOoOO'. Immediately noticeable upon first listen is the amount of space on this ep compared to his last. Gone are the bright synth pads of the first ep. Instead the focus is on the vocals and the drum work. I don't wanna say too much about it yet as I haven't really had time to properly take it in and everyday I seem to pick a new favourite track.

Much of what is released on Tri-Angle are songs that need to experienced in a setting where the music will wash over you. Be that sat at home with your headphones on or loud over a pa. Holy Other's EP, With U, is no exception to this rule. It is incredibly simple music but incredibly emotive. The EP leaves you with a feelings of warmth and calm. It is music that desires your attention.

When it comes to the next release I wanna look at there are two things you need to know. He's worked with artists such as Lil B, The Weeknd and A$AP Rocky and his beats are off the fucking chain. Clams Casino fuses ethereal vocals, trap beats and bitcrushing on the Rainforest EP. Each track evokes images of sprawling landscapes from flowing english fields and woodland on 'Waterfalls' to sweltering mirages in the desert on 'Natural'

So who is left? How about How To Dress Well. I'm gonna say something a little controversial here. I really went off this album to begin with. I'd heard 'Ready For The World' and was expecting something very different to what I got. Suffice to say it sat unloved on the shelf for a while. However I've recently revisited while I've been writing my dissertation and it is fucking great. It sounds like some old rnb album that's been chewed up and spat out by the wonkiest tape machine ever, and sounds fucking sick for it. If the crunch of the album get's all a bit too much though, I highly recommend picking up the How To Dress Well ep 'Just Once', out on, as it features Orchestral Versions of three of the tracks found on the album as well as a new track in the form of 'Suicide Dream 3'

Continuing on the RnB tip is AlunaGeorge - 'You Know You Like It'. Three tracks of smooth Cassie-eqse vocals over quirky beats. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face. I always head straight for 'Put Up Your Hands' for its saccharine sweet pitched up vocals before checking out the rest. This one will be stuck in your head for a while.

So we're almost closing up now. There's not much left to discuss. But we couldn't go without mentioning the awesome 'Kings and Them' EP from Evian Christ. I'm not gonna say much more than it's a collection of beats utilising pitched down vocals from Tyga, Baby Bashy and others all culled from his Youtube channel and released for free over at their website. Grab it, listen and love it. (

Tri-angle have recently signed Haxan Cloak, Howse and Vessel so expect new bits from them soon, there's the forthcoming 12" from Tr-Angle head honcho Lie due imminently and finally, watch out for the for the Tri-Angle showcases hitting Manchester and Glasgow this month, as well as Holy Other in London.


I couldn't do this article without linking you up with a couple of bits that have been given away by the artists mentioned.

 Firstly Holy Other - We Over. Originally released on what is now the defunct Transparent records. We Over is a right bobby dazzler. Follow the buy it now link to grab it for free

Also make sure you grab Clams Casino's instrumental ep featuring this one :

One last thing in case it wasn't already clear Clams Casino is God...

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