The Range - 'disk' EP (Donky Pitch)


We can't claim to know too much about The Range but we can tell you that the Rhode Islander is making some damn nice melodic footwork-inspired beats and Brighton's Donky Pitch have taken notice.

A sense of morphing from 80 to 160bpm across the arrangements - it's a masterclass in intricate slow/fast drum programming, yet our focus is drawn to the beautifully dense melodic elements. A genuinely fresh take on the footwork template, equally suited to headphone and club plays.

Personal favourites are the Jungle influenced 'No Lie' (currently receiving heavy support from Kutmah) and 'SSD'.  

'disk' EP is available to pre order on 12" (with instant mp3/wav downloads if you do) from the Donky Pitch website.

Stream the whole EP below:

P.S Don't even think about listening to this release on laptop speakers.


10/07/2012 21:55
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