Grime Revival



We've been noticing that a few producers have been delving back in time to call upon some classic Grime samples to give an old school flavour to their tracks. 

The first example of this is in Waltons track "Aggy", where he has used the unmistakable snare that Wiley made his own years ago when he used it in a few tracks.

Walton - Aggy:                    



Wiley - Murkle Man Instrumental:



The second example is from Walter Ego's new track with Trim, "Set Off". He uses several samples from arguably one of the most definitive Grime tracks of all time, Wiley's "Ice Rink", however creates a completley different tune with them.


Walter Ego feat. Trim - Set Off: 




Wiley - Ice Rink: 



We're all for this, those samples sounded good back then and they fit nicely in with the new wave of Grime influenced "Bass Music".




15/07/2012 20:32
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