Below The Line Mixtape #06 - Zoltan




We were really excited when Zoltán said he wanted to record a mix for us and we weren't disappointed, it's been on repeat since it landed.

He first caught our attention with his outstanding release on Granholme in February: the A-side 'Pluton' is an absolute peak time monster and the B-Side 'When I'm', is like a hot bath on a cold day.   

Starting any set with one of our favourite releases on the Well Rounded Housing Project, Temptation's Daughter, is always going to bode well and after setting the tone with some of his favourite pieces of the moment, Zoltan launches in to showcasing his exclusive new material.

There's a lot of 80's influence throughout, crossing over with classic house and techno vibes, with big chunky baselines and synapse tingling synths. 

We caught up with him to ask a couple of questions...


BTL: Safe Zoltan, thanks a lot for doing a mix for us, it's fantastic. We love your productions, how long have you been making beats for?


Z: About three years now


BTL: What are your favourite labels right now?


Z: Zoltán Hyperdub, Well Rounded, Audio Culture, Kurbits, 3024 and Grandholme… might sound a bit bias but fuck it! 


BTL: How did you hook up with Granholme?


Z: I linked up with him (Graham) via 3024, as he works at Martyns label too.


BTL: Where are you based? 


Z:  Well I'm from Cluj-Napoca, Romania but I moved to Amsterdam about a year ago.


BTL: How's the scene out there?


Z:  It's very good. A lot of gigs going covering almost every genre possible. Diverse, that's how i could describe it. At the moment there are a lot of festivals too.


BTL:  Is there any kind of specific vibe that you push for in your music? Do you have a certain sound in mind you strive towards?


Z: Im not really focusing on anything specific, I just try to make something good for the ear. I do noticed that I have some phases in my productions, guess at this point I could be related easily to something similar to techno


BTL: What were your previous phases?


Z:  I made music that was strongly influenced by UK Funky, i guess now i'm trying to mix UK funky and techno up a bit. I also make music that's influenced by grime, but my tunes are at a lower BPM. 


BTL: Your new material is sounding great, any forthcoming releases in the pipeline? 


Z: I am currently working on a release for Kurbits and for a new Granholme release. I don't know when they will be out, but probably not soon.


 Zoltan's mix for Below The Line:


Below The Line Mixtape #06 - Zoltan by Below The Line


1.  Videodrome ft. Derek Meins - Temptation's Daughter (Well Rounded Housing Project)

2.  Sentel - Shut Your Eyes (forthcoming Granholme)

3.  Zoltan - When I'm (Granholme)

4.  Zoltan - You Should

5.  Kazuma - Awamori (Kurbits)

6.  Jon Convex ft. dBridge - Lied To Be Loved (3024)

7.  Zoltan - Get The 411

8.  Zoltan - Shifting Frequencies

9.  Zoltan - Illin'

10. Zoltan - All I Rly

11. Zoltan - Mazsola

12. Zoltan - Ghosting

13. Zoltan - Intlgnt

14. Zoltan - Control





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