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The recent explosive rise of Disclosure has been a rather big event in the ever-shifting landscape of UK Bass Music.  In the space of a few short months the young duo have achieved an incredible level of mainstream success whilst still retaining strong respect from the scene in which they have risen; a rather rare occurrence.

 Is this an isolated case of talent striking through boundaries or does it herald the beginning of a snake-like-cluster-fuck around the new UK Bass scene as a whole? Some commentators have drawn a parallel with when Chase and Status began to break through a couple of years back with big hits like Eastern Jam; battered by both the underground and mainstream radio. It wasn’t too long after that that things began to drift ever so slightly downhill; you might even say Dubstep had a bit of a wobble…But you shouldn’t, because it wouldn’t be very funny. 

However that's not a paticularly valid comparison, realistically this is a pretty different kettle of fish. The ‘Bass Music’ or ‘House/ Techno/ Garage’ scene or ‘someone-please-come-up-with-a-better-name' scene has been bubbling away for a fair while now and has the Fabriclive albums and Radio 1 essential mixes to prove it. However this year has been the start of the real cross-over with Mosca and Disclosure leading the charge. But is this something new or is it just the new face of good old garage? 

Either way it’s hard to think of a name in the scene right now that is hotter property than Disclosure and their ‘Face EP’ is set to be massive. Featuring two of their biggest hits to date, ‘What's In Your Head’ & ‘Boiling’ they’re also following it up with a remix EP and we were delighted that two of the names delivering are big favourites of Below The Line.

 First of all another pair of young producers headed for cross-over success of their own is Mak and Pasteman. The swiftly rising duo have taken to smashing clubs like they were the Stanton Warriors reborn (no they’re not dead but the dream is…) and have given the softly flowing ‘What's In Your Head’ the full treatment, with a tightened up drum pattern and a full-bodied, batty-wining bassline. The original was not exactly a peak-time, bassbin pounder but this version most definitely is.

What's In Your Head - Mak & Pasteman Remix 


Another of our favourites who has been picked for remix duties is Medlar, the alter ego of Hit and Hope co-founder and all round badman, Klic. He’s gone in hard, making Boiling into even more of a house anthem, working big chunky keys into the mix, slowing it down for a real naughty finger anthem.

Boiling - Medlar Remix

Whilst neither completely flips the original into something brand new, both do add something fresh to the mixes and up the party factor even further; something pretty hard to do on these already sizzling tracks.  Either way we’re highly supportive of Disclosure’s choice of artists to feature on this hugely prominent EP; it’s a great recognition of two (technically three) other artists who make the scene what is and are also bound for even more success in the future.

The Remix EP is available from all good outlets from the 3rd of August, pre-order from Surrus here.

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Words by Masse Guru


01/08/2012 17:40
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