Trimbal - Confidence Boost (Harmonimixes)



For over two years these tracks have been lusted after on forums and blogs by fans of both artists. Now in 2012, when they finally see a release, each track still sound as fresh and groundbreaking as they did back when they first emerged. This also marks the first official release for any of James’s Harmonimix tracks outside a number of tracks floating around in the ether of youtube and a limited run of white labels.

On ‘Confidence Boost’ Trim’s vocals are pitched and twisted over gliding chords and a beat that harks back to the dark basements of Plastic People where James’s musical journey began.  Whilst over a classic grime rhythm and shuffling stabs of white noise Trim’s half rapping half talking flow swaggers across ‘Saying’ with the track building to syncopated crescendo before descending into an intense sub workout.

As Blackdown said in his recent article discusing the history and birth of this release this is “One of the most incredible productions of the past five years” 


Confidence Boost is out on September 24th through R&S Records. 

Words:Will Bunch

22/08/2012 18:17
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