Our next Below The Line mixtape is coming all the way from the sticky urban sprawl of Houston, Texas. Whilst the UK has traditionally been seen (at least by the UK) to be the dominant driving force behind the evolution of the bass music scene, in the last few years the States have really come into their own when it comes to underground, bass-driven club music. 

One of the stand out labels for us has been Freshmore which has been putting out brilliant releases from both UK and US artists, always expressing a melting pot of sound that stretches wide across the electronic spectrum. Taking aspects of garage, grime and dubstep and mixing them up with American flavours such as Juke, RnB, Hip Hop and that Dirty South Crunk sound. The label’s just reached it’s 10th release with the recent Crystal Skies EP and we decided to hit up label boss and Houston head honcho Sines for a mix and to catch up with him about the label:

First of all the mix is sick,  so all of this is Freshmore? 

Yes this mix is past and forthcoming Freshmore bits. Thanks glad you are feeling it. 


You've just hit your tenth release, how long has the label been going for? 

The label started in 2010 and i actually put it into play in 2011.


What makes something suitable for Freshmore? Is there a distinct sound or principle that the label represents?

Anything that catches my ear. I love all kinds of music as you can tell from the mix. The sound ranges from house to many different hybrids of dance music. Its influenced by alot of rap, garage, house and juke.


What's the inspiration behind Freshmore? Do you have an overall aim in mind?

Making dancefloor music for the masses. Becoming one of the elite like everyone else wants to be.


Whilst there's a distinctly American sound to the beats there's a lot of cross over with the UK scene. What's your take on that? 

As long as its good it really doesnt matter US or UK. As long as its good and nice on the ears its all that matters.


Do you think the UK influences the US, is it visa vera? 

I think in the past it had a major influences but now we have so many great producers in the US that are bringing sounds that are just mental.


Is it harder for US artists to break the UK than the other way around?

Yea i think its harder because of many US based artist that are bringing that heavier sound. Make the rest of us that are doing fwd thinking music all look alike.


What are the clubs like there?

The clubs here are ok. I reside in Houston, but outside of Houston many other venues like in California and NY are too hype.


What are the main events that you attend and would like to play and why are they better?

Outlook,Boiler Room anything based outside of the US. They have that vibe.


Who are the main 'one's to watch' for you at the moment?

Too many to name, watch out for Rabit out of Houston. That boy is bringing stateside grime on a whole nother level.

Cedaa,Sliink, Juxta, MORRI$ and many more.


What are your upcoming plans for Freshmore? What releases have you got in the works?

Lots of plans man. Cosmic Revenge release dropped Aug 13th. Next month we have Figgy more on the garage/housey vibes.

Alot of other stuff in the works. Maybe another Sines E.P ;)

Loads of stuff for the future. 


One more question, we saw your videos about the real purple drank the other day. How much of a big thing is that in Houston and the rest of the States? 

Do you know if it can be mailed? 

It's huge in Houston and illegal lol


Below The Line Mixtape #7 - $INE$ by $INE$


 For more info check out the Freshmore blog, it's constantly teeming with dope shit!




ASAP Rocky-Goldie ($INE$ Slowed and Throwed Mix) c&s by $INE$


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