Last Magpie - (Who Knows) Where Love Goes


With his stunning debut EP 'No More Stories', on Hypercolour's sub-label Losing Suki, Last Magpie demonstrates a firm ability to create his own take on underground bass-orientated music; or in his own words; 'steal[ing]' from multiple genres.  The result is an emotive fusion of old garage, dub jungle and deep house, managing to be simultaneously dark and uplifting.

Since 'No More Stories' was released, the rather elusive Northerner has treated us to a free track 'I Need U' on XLR8R, a delicious slice of sultry 2-step.
Now he brings a continuation of this lush 'garage-specked house', this time releasing on Hypercolour- no surprise considering the evident approval from Maya Jane Coles ('No More Stories' title track was featured on her DJ Kicks mix).
'(Who Knows) Where Love Goes' begins with the soft summer vibe of its titie track, with soulful vocals echoing out over a steady 2-step beat and solid, melodic chords. This timeless effort provides a chilled introduction to the EP, with 'Pilau Rice' following and heading along a more house-inspired edge, tempting us to tap our feet with a reassuring 4/4 groove and catchy vocal sample 'feel alright...'. The tribal percussive tone harks back to Magpie's teenage jungle days, showing his versatility as a producer.

There is not one weak point on this EP, consolidating my respect for Last Magpie- a respect anybody should hold for such a young producer to be releasing on as renowned a label as Hypercolour.
And it appears there is no stopping Magpie- he has his fingers in several other pies, under different monikers and various genres yet to be disclosed. With this much success in 2012 alone, the Leeds producer is hot on our radar and I for one am curious to discover his alternate projects and releases. For now I think I can be satisfied with the understated beauty of '(Who Knows') Where Love Goes'.



(Who Knows) Where Love Goes is out on digital only in early-September.

Words: Lauren Bush

30/08/2012 19:25
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