Fathom Audio - Promises/Ridges

We rarely feature drum and bass on Below The Line, infact this may be the first piece that ever has. It's not that we dislike drum and bass either; there it just hasn't really grabbed our attention in a while. That said with recent works from Om Unit as Phillip D Kick, Fracture and Ean blurring the boundaries between the Drums and Juke/Footwork stylings our attention has been piqued enough to dig back into the world of Amens, Basslines and Clipz's Slippery Slope

In our search we've heard a lot of good stuff, some bad and plenty average. One group that caught our attention quicker than most was Fathom Audio. Made up of Billion, Sense, Code:Breaker and Fybe, Fathom Audio have been crafting their own unique take on the drum and bass template since 2009. 


On Promises, they're latest release on Diffrent, an 8-bit arpeggio traverses the soundscape providing the balance of light against the darkness of the Phantom Force-eqse stabs and throb of its kick drum pulse. It's on the B-side 'Ridges' that our ears have been caught though. Taking a pinch of Dislcosure, a dash of Jamie XX, a couple of spoonfuls of Juke and mashing it with some classic drum and bass programming, Fathom Audio create a track that feels distinctly fresh and uplifting. While at points the A-side can feel a little too monotoneous Fathom Audio's ability to remain original, within a genre that habitually eats its own tail, is a triumph in its self and 'Ridges' is pure class. 

Words: Will Bunch

Promises is available now on Digital from all good stores.

10/09/2012 21:09
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