Artist Focus: Epoch

As music becomes more and more directly genreless, more producers are pushing sounds to sonic extremities which boggles the minds of all who listen. Producers such as Bloom and Pearson Sound who have distinctive trails of a sound that once was, are creating something so unique it can only be called “bass music”. See this as a bad thing or a good thing, it is definitely something to be excited about as electronic music is slowly making another turn into something fresh (or has been for the past couple of years).

One producer who is starting to bubble up who I am really excited about can easily be listed in the aforementioned description. Fusing elements of bare-bone grime instrumentals and subby distorted rudeness of 04-05 era dubstep welded together with an industrial vibe, producer Epoch creates something so otherworldly it leaves me speechless. Recently having his collab with super-producer Wen dropped on Blackdown’s Rinse.FM show (to an overwhelming hype), he now releases free tune “The Avenue” through his and his labels soundclouds. A distorted almost schizophrenic production, synths warp, flickers of raw vocals bounce along the edge of the razor sharp production. This is “bass music” in it’s rawest form.

Keep your eyes out for Epoch in the future, his label ‘Egyptian Avenue’ is soon putting out it’s first release which is his and Wen’s collab “Hydraulic” which features a sublime devil’s mix style Remix by Epoch himself with Josh Idehen on some slow-mo vocal duty. You can stream both the original and remix on the Egyptian Avenue soundcloud.


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11/09/2012 20:52
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