Below The Line 1st Birthday - Life Club Brighton 28/09



It's almost a year to the day since we began our mission to bring the best in underground music to Brighton for some rowdy parties and to highlight the dopest new music on our blog. It's been a pretty crazy year so we're pulling out all the stops for this one...


LEVON VINCENT (US) - Child of New York, darling of Berlin, house master and all round electronic legend, Levon Vincent is a bit of a don. Along with others, Levon has been credited with a recent renaissance in the house scene, particularly around NY, bringing an organic texture to deep, anthemic tracks. It's a massive honour to have him down, he is gonna burn this shit down.

A1 BASSLINE - A long time veteran of the electronic dance music scene, A1 Bassline has made and mastered many different genres and styles. In the last couple of years he's turned his immense production talents towards the deeper end of house music but still retaining a staunch dance floor edge. Being picked up for Claude Von Stroke's Dirty Bird imprint is definitely a strong seal of approval and we're excited to hear him really get into it at Life.

LEON VYNEHALL- We love him, you love him, the boy's doing good. We always knew Leon had some serious moxy but his last couple of releases have blown us away. After the huge success of the Mauve EP on Well Rounded Housing Project, his next release for Man Make Music raised the bar even further. He's steadily carving out his own sound with his highly mature productions and there's alot more to come.

DONGA- The man, they myth, the beard. The legendary force behind the Well Rounded Records labels is one of the best DJs in Brighton (definitely the best we know) and has the record collection to back it up. A serious musical fanatic, Donga has high standards when it comes to tune selection and his sets never sound like anybody else's. Pure energy, pure passion. 


SECRET HEADLINERS - Well it is the birthday so we thought we'd get up to our old tricks. We've pulled in some serious favours and have got a rather sneaky little addition to the line up without adding any more to the door tax. Keep your ears open for this one, you'll kick yourself if you miss it...




DOOR TAX: £6/8





17/09/2012 15:05
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