Throwing Snow - Clamor EP

Throwing Snow - Clamor EP


Throwing Snow is a talented chap. The assured groove of last years 'Sanctum' (Sneaker Social) and the frankly bonkers 'Too Polite' (Local Action) made that pretty plain. Now he's back with the inaugural release on his Snowfall label and unsurprisingly, it is really good.

I should try and be a bit more descriptive, but honestly all I want to say is go listen right now.

Assuming you do take my advice, start with Perca. The bastard child of the aforementioned 'Too Polite' and 'Sanctum'. Revolving around an urgent string motif (first heard in passing in title track 'Clamor') and rhythmically skipping between a head nod inducing 100bpm and a punch-in-the-face 200bpm. It's tough and it's probably my favourite track of the year.


Cinematic melancholy pervades the EP, widescreen found-sound percussion rides between titanic subs and if I could think of a film pun to get across how compelling the whole thing is I would.


Words: Murder He Wrote

28/09/2012 14:25
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