HNNY - For The Very First Time


Surprise surprise, the Swedish mini-powerhouse label Local Talk have just dropped another near-flawless release. I don't know what to else to say about these guys except for the fact that their actions are starting to become incredibly predictable, because every release they do is just exceptional. The truth is, I haven't connected with a label like this in a long, long time. It's releases like this that push the faith I have in these guys even higher through the clouds.



The title track of the 12" is great, just great. It's a humble style of production that doesn't require any overly heavy drops (if you'd excuse the awful expression that has plagued our electronic music world). I guess this is because no 'drop' (sorry again) is required - why bother if there's no need? Maybe a valuable lesson to be learned by idiot or beginner producers.

The arrangement rolls through with a modest attitude that seems to work very well in it's own right. The lead synthesis and matching bass line are basic but good enough to eat (if only). Along with a lot of the other Local Talk releases it has that true taste of 90s underground house music that keeps finding itself snuggled inside my record stash.

The use of vocals on this track is what puts the cherry on this oh so scrummy bakewell. It's that kind of vocal that makes you squint your eyes and scrunch your face a bit, in a way that makes you unwillingly ignore whatever your friends are trying tell you on the dance floor.. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. 



'Apricots' is track two on the A-side. It's what I've been itching to review and the reason I demanded a copy of this at the store (BM Soho to be precise) in the first place. In fact, if I remember correctly I wanted to own this record after hearing something like the first 6 and a half seconds. The bass line synth (and the lead synth for that matter) bellows nothing but 'classic material' right in your little face. Because it has a classic, timeless feel to it and again is heavily 90s and 80s influenced, it has what feels like a nostalgic taste to it - yummy. This may also have something to do with the slow(ish) tempo and basic/classic style of arrangement.

This is the exact kind of tune that really grabs you on first listen, unlike 'For The Very First Time' which is more of a grower (certainly not a bad thing). It's the kind of tune that gets you panicking in the club as you dance with excitement but also in fear, thinking you may never find out the name of this sacred gem. A strange feeling that we all know.

Basically, in more straight-forward terminology this is an absolute banger which does all the things house music should. Personally I can't wait to play it out and see who wants to take a bite of this delectable rhythm. To be honest, I don't know why you're still reading this and haven't hurried onto Soundcloud or the nearest record store to see what all this fuss is about.



Finally, the B-side. 'Trummor' isn't trying to be a loveable dance anthem. It's basically slightly over ten minutes of raw percussion - lovely to be honest. Although I regret to say it, this song is easily neglected because of the production values of the attention seeking A-side. It is still quality listening, if you ever actually turn the record over. It's obviously very different from the other two tracks, which is great as it's always nice to diversify (of course).

Anyone with a proper love for percussion will thoroughly enjoy this. 

Although there is no melody, that's no bad thing. A melody is not needed because Mr Bongo is at this party and on top form. We all know people don't talk to Mr Bongo, nor do they give him attention anywhere near as much when Mr Roland 303 is around and stealing the show. It's about time Barry the Bongo showed people who's boss.

This is what B-Sides are all about to be honest. They're not always for everyone but it's nice to have something completely different but with an equal level of flavour.

Lastly I think this would make a nice DJ tool to break a house set into some crazy percussion frenzy, stripping it back to the raw beat and potentially anticipating the next tune? I dunno? You work it out..

For The Very First Time is out now on Vinyl from your local wax dealer or the digital online at Juno


16/10/2012 14:45
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