Five Minutes with Hurfy D

If you're like us and have been using Youtube to keep up with the newest tunes and the scene defining artists of the post-dubstep/ bass/ house/ techno movement in the last couple of years, the chances are this chap uploaded it.

Hurfdurflolwhat? or Hurfy D knows the good shit. So who better to shed some light on the highly complex phenomena of the Youtube generation… Newsnight eat your heart out.

So we're guessing Hurfdurflolwhat isn't your real name?

Is this a question? My name isn’t that really is it its something completely normal like Dave, but not Dave because thats a bit of a shit name. My real name is still a bit shit tho.

When did you start doing what you're doing?

Uhh a couple of years ago now, probably January 2011 or something when I should have been reading books about things for exams. Think the first few tracks I uploaded were that West Norwood Cassette Library thing on Teal and the first Objekt bits and Battle for Middle You. There wasn’t anybody else really putting that stuff on the internet at the time and I was wanting to show people music but I couldn’t find it. So I thought oh well, I’ll just buy it then and put it on Youtube because I want to annoy people and send them links to this music and see if they think I'm really cool when I post music on my Facebook wall. But it didn’t really work

How many subscribers do you have?

I just had a look at Youtube and it says 4765, that’s a lot of people. I wonder if they are all real people or spambots because I do get a lot of spam trying to make me click like on a video that is very bad and everyone in the comments is all like hey why are you spamming me with a bad video and they are really angry all the time. Why are people on Youtube angry all the time? So I wonder how that works, if they have to subscribe to you so they can send you things… its quite weird that so many people have clicked a little button on a Youtube isn’t it?

Don’t you think where do all these people come from? Maybe one of them is my next door neighbour, maybe one of them works at a dog food factory… who knows? Oh well, who cares? Actually it's just the internet. The internet is good because you can do a lot of things like look at videos of things you would never see. Today I watched a video about a man making croissants and then also a video of a shirtless man doing Dragon Ball Z voice impressions 


So… Do you literally just post the stuff you hear? Do you rip it or do you get sent stuff? Or Both?

Well a lot of the stuff I used to upload was things I’d bought in MP3 but then that started to get a bit boring because I would just click on Boomkat at 4am on Sunday or whatever and listen to all the new releases for the week. But then there’s no thrill in that because all the tracks are in a big list and you can read about them and I'm probably a bit autistic so hunting in a load of mixes and radio shows or digging deep in Soundcloud, always trying to find something exciting I'd never heard before and then uploading it is my idea of fun. Instead of what regular people do, watch the football or something I dunno what regular people do, they probably eat Mc Coys crisps. Now people have started to send me their own tunes which is really nice I get a lot of things that are very bad and make my ears hurt and then I have to have a sit down and a cry but sometimes people send me good things that I would have never thought to check out so thanks to those people.

Your subscription on Youtube is a lot larger than some pretty influential DJs, the way that people follow your updates and the fact you introduce people to music puts you in a comparable position to many DJS. Do you agree?

Yeah, maybe, I guess so, I dunno. A DJ gets excited by music and likes to share it and their taste with other people so that’s pretty much what I'm doing. People do seem to trust me so basically I'm like Ben UFO except I don’t really like cats as much as he does. I prefer dogs to be honest.

Do you mix at all?

There are some mixes on my Soundcloud of things like happy hardcore and that that I’ve just put together in Ableton but they aren’t serious or owt like that just a bit of a mess around trying to show people some old tunes and that they might not have heard. I do mix in the bedroom as well though, currently my mates technics are living with me. They are on vacation in my room for a while because he doesn’t treat them nice and they needed a break from him while they think about their relationship and mostly I buy & mix garage or early 90s house stuff keep it true to the vinyl spirit or whatever lol

I noticed you shortened your name; did you have to stop using the old one?

The internet police got me so I had to hide out in panama and change my name

Do artists you post up generally react positively or negatively, or are you generally unaware?

They probably all hate me I don’t know there’s an e-mail address I put on things so they can send me a fax and tell me off if they don’t like it which some do and I’ll be like yeah fair enough m8 and take stuff down sometimes when i listen to rinse I’ve noticed a lot more DJs saying like oh hi Youtube and that so it probably pisses them off a lot soz

Clearly your posts do get a lot of views and new songs put up by yourself are in good company, do many up and coming artists send you stuff to consider?

One time a guy sent me an e-mail with a link to a clip of a tune he told me to check out but he said it was an unknown artist and then i figured out who the producer was and it turns he’d sent me the tune himself pretending not to know who it was and that was really funny and I did a lol

Clearly you’re pretty clued into this whole scenario, how long have you been deep into underground electronic music? How are you with Dubstep and Drum and Bass?

I was never massively into Dubstep. Around the period when it was starting to make moves, around 2006 or whatever I was more into a lot of guitar stuff like Shoegaze and post-Rock and droney ambient stuff where a thing made a noise once and then it reverberated on a tape for 45 minutes. I did like a bit of the DnB, more of the minimal stuff on Critical and that but in the background there has always been the hardcore continuum that i’ve grown up with. Lots of Jungle, old Drum and Bass and UK Garage that always drifted in and out. Things got exciting for me again in the scene around the time of Night Slugs and Hessle and thats when i started to really pay more attention to current things.

Do you use any sloppy catch all phrases like ‘bass music’? Do you think we can happily lump everything together like that and more importantly, even if we can, should we?


Are there any particular artists that are really doing it for you at the moment and why?

Grime guys like Moleskin, Logos, Slackk, Bloom, Walton, Visionist, all those guys that are bringing back that gliding squares.wav, that weird 808, like in Pulse X and all them Eski clicks. Really into a lot of pumpin’ Techno as well, like all the Shed stuff he releases under Head High/WK7 where the kick drum sounds like it can kill you.

Is there any artist at the moment you feel is particularly underrated and deserves more exposure?

There are some nice lads who send me tunes at the moment: Metrist who is making some ruff warehouse Techno bangers, and a guy called Viers who kinda makes some 4x4 dub Techno things with a couple interesting secret side projects. You should have a look at their Soundclouds (or Youtube lol).

Safe Hurfy, thanks for taking the time to speak with us.

Thanks for asking me questions and that, alright. Cya X

Words:Dickie Davis

22/10/2012 11:21
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