Liar - Strange Love (Infinite Machine)


Earlier this week the new release from Romanian born Liar dropped and straight-out exemplified the diversity of sound that can be found on up and coming label Infinite Machine. Moving things a step further ‘Strange Love’ also serves to compound previous evidence that Liar’s ability to meld genres together consistently leads to something exciting and fresh. For those that are unfamiliar with his work so far you can grab previous releases for the Farver label from their Bandcamp along with a whole host of original material available for free on his soundcloud, and whilst I could wax lyrical about his previous work it is time for ‘Strange Love’ to shine.

The LP opens up to with ‘Benzolovers’, with it’s ratcheting snares and haunting bass juxtaposed against brilliant arpeggios it sets the mood for what it is to come. ‘Strange Love’ evokes a set of complex emotions; throughout the LP there is an underlying sense of longing. On tracks like ‘Night Swim’ this is twinned with a glowing warmth that streams onto the listener leaving them smiling at fond memories of the past, whilst the poignant violins of ‘Nymph Hunter’ push the listener into a chase for better times reinforcing that aching feeling. 



Midway though ‘Strange Love’ you’ll find what for me is the standout track of the release, the snare driven ‘Fucktoy’. Sitting somewhere between footwork and industial techno, ‘Fucktoy’ is loaded with one of the most disjointed rhythms I’ve heard this year; you probably can’t dance to it but lord knows you’ll try. 

With each track impossible to classify into genres Liar continues to explore his diversity with tracks like ‘Mamaia Vice’ a retro cruise though an 80’s future, and the subdued euphoria of ‘Giulia’; a track which is subsequently remixed into a slow house groover by Arapaima.

When ‘Night Swim’s’ darker sibling ‘Andreea Dava’ is reached the mood of longing has becomes distinctly sullen. Its stepping rhythm reinforces the moroseness and causing the LP to loose something in the process. This is my only real criticism of the release and the mood is swiftly lighten by the previously mention ‘Mamaia Vice’. The LP is then eloquently closed by ‘Brusied Knee (feat. Borelais)’ balancing dreams for the future with one fleeting glance to the past. Your appetite left moist, craving more.

‘Strange Love’ is out now on Infinite Machine



Words: Will Bunch

24/10/2012 16:21
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