Below The Line Mixtape #8 - Chesslo Junior



We were aware of Chesslo Junior in a kind of nebulous 'know-the-name' sense for a while, but it wasn't until the WotNot guest session for BTLTV when Charo dropped Chesslo's remix of 'Thought You'd Fancy It' to a chorus of "WUUUUT! (THE HELL IS THIS?)" from everyone in the room (and everyone locked) that we fully sat up and took notice.

Since then the absolute rukus of 'Cash Wave' has been on our minds and more recently we've fallen in love with the melodic flair showcased in his Graphic Description EP (forthcoming on WotNot Music on 11th November 2012).


Comprising over 50% his own productions including a number from his recently self-released 'Catfish EP', the mix is a heads down, subs up affair for the first half with an injection of colour added towards the end via Chesslo's remixes of Fybe:One (due out 05/11/12 on Shades Of Grey) and Alt-J.


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28/10/2012 10:21
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