About Below the Line

Below the Line are a group of DJ's, Producers and Promoters out of Brighton, who are passionate about the ever-evolving and ever-exciting sound of the UK electronic underground. 

Our aim is to shed light on up and coming artists, labels and nights as well as featuring some brilliant bits from established talent and those that have inspired the next generation of beat makers and party killers. 

We will be digging up big tunes, free tunes, interesting tunes, dope tunes, weird tunes and tunes that make you go nnnnnggg. 

Featuring regular mixes from an eclectic and eccentric pool of artists as well as live-streaming great music on BTLTV, either from our headquarters or straight from the dance floor. 

Below the Line is:


Masse Guru



Alors Cors


Gary Potter


 Ferndown Mistake 



 Drab 1






Murder he Wrote



Jared ADHDJs



MC Walezy





14/02/2012 21:43
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