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Deft - Alt. Episode (Snoop & Dre - Next Episode bootleg)

FREE DOWNLOAD: Deft's fresh reworking of my second favourite Snoop & Dre track complete with panic inducing 'oh-shit-did-I-just-press-a-wrong-button' moment.

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Bobby Champs 60 min mix on BTL TV 19/02/12

Bobby Champs is most definitely somebody to keep your eye on. His first release for Pictures Music was absolutely storming; ‘All Night’ has been in nearly every set we’ve done since we got it.

His set for BTL the other week was one of those where we wished he was using Serato, just so we didn’t have to keep asking ‘and what’s this one?’ Happily he’s done us a track list so you can find all these rather ridiculous tunes.

Check it…

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Kahn and Neek – Percy (Clip)

This rather naughty clip has been making the rounds lately; the ‘Driving to Nando’s Riddim’ otherwise known as 'Percy' is apparently forthcoming on Sureskank but we can’t say when.

What we can tell you is that Kahn is booked to come and play Brighton for Below the Line at Life Club on April 13th so at least we should get to hear this in slightly better quality. More details about this coming soon…


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Eyelove - Mysticism EP

Incredible forthcoming release from latest Slime Recordings signing Eyelove.

Approved by Phaeleh. We can all hear why..


Album artwork

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Burial and Four Tet - Nova

Burial and Four Tet's collaborative efforts have always been something special and this one is no different.

Forthcoming on Text Recordings, expect this release to fly out quicker than you can blink. So keep your eyes focused on your favourite record store and you wallet close by for the next few weeks. If you not familiar with their previous collaborations check out Moth, Ego and Wolf Cub straight away.


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This week we've got something a little bit different, two thirds of WOT NOT music will be passing through BTL HQ to show us what they're all about. This eclectic beat collective out of London focus on creativity, the creative process and exploring innovative new music, just check out their soundcloud >>

 In the place we have:  JJ Mumbles B2B Charo // J Devious + support from BTL residents Ferndown Mistake & Stickie Davis

Live from 15:30.

Lock in here...


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Δkkord - Submerged (Free Download)

Brilliant piece of deep techno here from Δkkord, now available for free downloadings!

  Δkkord - Submerged by Δkkord

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Dexter- Great Northern Diver (Clone Basement Series 009)

If you missed this must-buy bit from the Clone Basement series then you're in luck, there's still a couple floating about. A regular on Clone, this is the Dutch producer's first outing on the Basement Series. ‘Great Northern Diver’ combines a hypnotic techno edge with some serious low end business, its been a staple of our BTL Sub.FM shows for a while now and with good reason...

More info...

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If you haven’t already listened to/ downloaded/ had sex to the sounds of/ wished you could DJ like/ sparked a joint on your way to work whilst listening to/ said well done James for doing/….this mix then don’t you think its about time you did! Especially now we’ve given it this very Brighton Noire artwork.

No really, it's good.


Listen to the mix and download it here:

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The Organ Grinder ft. Jessy Allen- I Don't Love You (Catapult 004)

Out this week on Catapult is The Organ Grinder’s ‘I Don’t Love You’. A seriously grooving slice of 4 x4 action complete with a seductively infectious vocal line, it been featuring pretty heavily on our rotation for a while now.

If your musical tastes are even slightly inclined towards this kind of thing then you might want to give it a listen and if your slightly inclined to buying this sort of thing on vinyl, you might want to act quickly. His last drop on Catapult (Obsession) sold out pretty promptly and this one's a hand-stamped, strictly limited kind of deal...

 More info...
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Lorca - What You Don't Need (Free Download)

Pay no attention to all these photos of him looking stern, serious and gggnarly; Lorca is actually a really lovely chap. Hence why this little banger is yours for frizzle. Think of it as a bit of a teaser for what he’s got in the bank. If you haven’t already, go and give ‘Can’t See Higher’ a listen, due out in March on Dummy Records, it’s a pretty good shout if you’re vinyl shopping…

More info...

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Vex'd - Louder (Free Download)

Sounding like the bastard child of The Bug and Enduser, Vex'd have finally have allowed this beast of a track to enter the public domain.

This won't be everyone's cup of tea but if harsh distorted synths and angry dancehall vocals are your thing then you need to grab this immediately as it is nothing short of spectacular.


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XXXY- Everything EP WRND0013


This one's an absolute no brainer.

XXXY + Well Rounded = Sonic Satisfaction

Also really liking the fact that the rather ridiculous 'I Can't Stop' will only be released via the vinyl.  

Preview here ...


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Temple on BTLTV 19/02/12

Temple played a great set on Sunday, he really brought the vibes from start to finish. There are some real stunners in here so he has very kindly done us a tracklist. Big mix.

 Check it...

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Hint - Daily Intake (Promo Mix)


Have we mentioned that Hint is awesome? The long-time Brighton DJ and Producer is about to drop his new album, having previously released on Ninja Tune this time its on Tru Thoughts and in our books, its a bit of a winner.  

He's just done the first in his series of mixes to show off what he's all about and whet your appetite for the album. Go and check it out, with original selection and flawless mixing its certainly got our attention! 

More info...

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Ferndown Mistake's Pick of the Week - Burial 'Ashtray Wasp'

Pick of the week: Burial - Ashtray Wasp.

I'll hold my hands up here and admit it I'm a massive Burial fanboy. He's one of the few artists that i'll buy a new release the second it comes out then wait until I can be sat in a dark room with my headphones on and eyes closed before listening to it but this one is something extra special.


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Earl Sweatshirt – “Home”

Ok, so I know it’s probably bad practice to be deviating from the plan of reviewing my favorite mixtapes on only my second review but fuck it, it’s my column and I’ll do what I like, thanks. Plus this is pretty big news anyway, as it seems as though OFWGKTA’s prodigal son, Earl Sweatshirt, has returned (maybe….)


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YES!!! The one and only Trim, Trimothy, Trimbal, Trim Van Helsing aka Lord of the Sith has just dropped a new mixtape and it's capital PENG! Chock full of seriously dope beats from the likes of Mark Pritchard, Rudekid and Balistiq, guest bars from Nico Lindsay and bare fresh shit from the man himself!! 


>>> Download here


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